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Software Engineering Manager, Meetup July 2018 - Apr 2020
  • Managed a team of 12 people to deliver a new homepage experience in a highly complex cloud ecosystem.
  • Drove adoption of modern agile and DevOps practices throughout the engineering organization, culminating in a new skills based promotion matrix; given "Change the Company" award.
  • Helped the company migrate towards Function-as-a-Service architecture, resulting in 90% reduction in after-hours outages for teams which adopted.
Software Engineering Manager, Pivotal Labs December 2017 - June 2018
  • Managed career of engineers at Pivotal as they worked across several high-profile projects
  • Lead projects across multiple teams enabling clients to deliver high-quality software more quickly.
  • Developed innovative practices for cloud and micro-services based, React front end applications.
Board Member, Write/Speak/Code Dec 2018 - Nov 2019
  • Write/Speak/Code - Global Conference Content Chair
  • Write/Speak/Code - New York Meetup Co-Organizer, Conference Talk Selection Committee
  • Global Diversity CFP Day - New York Co-Organizer, Workshop Facilitator
Senior Software Engineer, Pivotal Labs October 2015 - November 2017
  • Led balanced product development teams and multi-team efforts to deliver high impact software for Fortune 100 clients.
  • Enabled developers and stakeholders in evidence-driven, value-first agile software development.
  • Designed and implemented sustainable cloud based applications and platforms.
Services Engineer, Tumblr November 2014 - August 2015
  • Contributed to ongoing development of Colossus, a high-performance Scala micro-services framework.
  • Created a proxy server designed to run in Amazon EC2 cloud services which reduced S3 transfers and lowered monthly transfer costs by $500,000.
  • Developed a solution for real-time updates using the Tumblr firehose, generating over 1 million Redis increments a second.
Scala Developer, Placeable October 2013 - November 2014
  • Created a system for generic data manipulation and export in a Play 2.2 based service, with distribution to services such as Google, Yelp, and Factual.
  • Developed and implemented a migration path from multiple Play instances to a clustered Akka actor system, using Mongo capped collections as an event bus.
  • Wrote documentation of API for internal and external use in preparation for enabling third-party applications.
Software Engineer, ClickFox Aug 2011 - Aug 2013
  • Developed and maintained industry-leading cross-channel business analysis tools in Java using distributed GreenPlum databases and GridGain compute grids.
  • Drove adoption of modern tools and practices, including best practices of Mercurial source control and Maven build tool, and integration of Jenkins build server with Redmine issue tracking.
  • Championed usage of agile methodologies; introduced a two-week sprint and test driven development.
Java Engineer, Innoprise Aug 2010 - May 2011
  • Lead developer on a time-card entry system presented in the Eclipse Rich Application Platform, hosted using GlassFish OSGI, to integrate with the Innoprise enterprise resource planning tools.
Lead Software Quality Assurance / Software Developer, The Regis Company Mar 2009 - Aug 2011
  • Developed and implemented test plans for e-learning software. Testing involved creating test scripts on GUI intensive applications, and exploratory testing in identified problem areas.
  • Added Section 508 Accessibility compliance to a SCORM framework in ActionScript 3.
  • Created tools to quickly visualize XML configuration files using Java 6.


Bachelor of Science, Computer Science
Minor: Mathematics
Metropolitan State University of Denver, Denver CO, 2010


  • QCon - Inside Job, June 2019
  • Fullstack Academy Manager Panel - Panelist, May 2019
  • Women Who Code Connect - Micro and Mono, Mar 2019
  • Global Diversity CFP Day - Workshop Facilitator, Mar 2019
  • Global Diversity CFP Day - Workshop Facilitator, Jan 2018
  • Spring One Conference - Solid In The Wild, Dec 2017
  • Write Speak Code - Workshop facilitator, Nov 2017
  • Pivotal Tech Talk Tuesdays - Introduction to Reactive Streams, Jun 2017
  • She Says Horror Stories 2 - Panelist, Oct 2016
  • CODE Debugging the Gender Gap Screening - Panelist, May 2016


  • Being Your Authentic Self - Interview, Built To Adapt
  • Asking for Gender in Applications - Article, Built To Adapt


  • Interview - From the Source Podcast
  • Interview - StemOnFire Podcast


  • Codebar.io - Coach
  • Interests: Clothing design, French cooking and baking.
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